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Chicago Needs a Problem Solver,
Not a Politician


Chicago Needs a Problem Solver,
Not a Politician


Public service means something different to Paul Vallas.

From his tenure as the superintendent of Chicago Public Schools to his management of post-disaster education reform in both New Orleans and Haiti, Paul has demonstrated that, to him, public service means…

  • Unwavering commitment to solving the toughest problems
  • Tireless application of expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to devise creative solutions

Read more about why Paul’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to tackle Chicago’s most pressing issues

“You gain that trust by being honest and frank with the public about the challenges they are facing.”

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My Plan for Chicago


The budget needs to be a comprehensive long-term financial plan that “reverses” the cost drivers that continuously drive up taxes and fees while making cost-effective, long-term investments in areas that are critical to City growth and prosperity: public safety, quality schools, affordable cost-of-living, economic opportunities, and infrastructure investment. I intend to develop and implement specific strategies to ensure:

• Every community is safe and secure
• There are quality schools in every neighborhood
• We are not losing our middle class through fines, taxes and fees
• There are ample economic opportunities for all Chicagoans
• Chicago is an affordable place for all working families

Chicago needs to be a city of opportunity for everybody. That cannot be achieved if we cannot balance our budgets and our citizens cannot depend on critical services.


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Hiring Retired Detectives

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I will rebuild and maintain the Bureau of Detectives’ strength at a minimum 1,200. I will provide additional support for the Bureau by recalling 400 [...]