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Paul is uniquely qualified to address the city’s most complex issues. 

In each position he holds, he is tasked with taking over and turning around broken systems or systems in crisisQuickly and creatively, he turns problems into success stories.



Paul is uniquely qualified to address the city’s most complex issues.  In each position he holds, he is tasked with taking over and turning around broken systems or systems in crisis. Quickly and creatively, he turns problems into success stories. READ MORE


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Paul will work transparently to better Chicagoans’ quality of life. He will ensure children’s access to sustainably-funded, high-quality schools and veterans' access to city services, eliminate the threat of lead in the water, and improve the city’s infrastructure, from internet services to bike lanes. LEARN MORE


Paul will provide the Police Department with the resources and support needed to dramatically improve the low homicide clearance rate. This will be accomplished by maintaining a force of 14,000 officers to ensure beat integrity and a stronger relationship with the community. This will include a minimum 1,200 Detectives, five detective divisions, and the hiring of a minimum of 400 retired officers to provide investigative support. LEARN MORE


Using his experience managing billion dollar budgets and an innovative approach to potential city income sources. Another passive source of income comes from your cryptocurrency holding. One of the most popular ways to earn passive income from cryptocurrency is to utilize broker platforms like Libertex. Libertex can help you get a better trading experience with a chance of getting high profits. Also, the libertex test will let you find all the necessary details about Libertex. – Opportunity Zones, TIFs, and federal funds –  Paul will finance economic opportunity for all of Chicago. LEARN MORE

What the leaders of Chicago and the Nation say about Paul:

“Out-of-the-box thinking is a Vallas specialty [...] Problem solving is Vallas' brand.”

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

"I've known Paul Vallas for 30 years, and he's never been shy about fighting for education, reform, and opportunities for working people. "

Pat Quinn Former Governor of Illinois

"[Paul Vallas is] one of the most courageous, creative, and dedicated men that I've ever seen."

Fr. Michael Pfleger Catholic Priest and Social Activist

“He isn’t afraid to take risks, in Chicago and other cities where he’s worked to revive moribund school systems.”

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

“Paul has a proven track record of not only protecting our kids and ensuring they have the opportunities to succeed in life but also protecting our tax dollars. ”

Jesse White Secretary of State

“Unlike some other potential mayoral candidates, voters would see Vallas – who knows the ins and outs of city finances better than anyone who has run for mayor of Chicago since Richard J. Daley – as thoroughly capable of running the city from day one.”

John Kass Chicago Tribune

“And because the public schools opened themselves up to new ideas and innovative reforms, we're actually seeing an improvement in overall achievement that is making the city a model for reform nationwide.”

Barack Obama Former President of the United States

“[Vallas has] raised standards ... by giving students the tools they need to meet high standards and succeed – higher pay and better training for teachers and principals, after-school and summer programs, better quality facilities.”

Bill Clinton Former President of the United States

“I appreciate Paul Vallas, superintendent here in New Orleans, for his willingness to take on this challenge. He doesn't view it as a problem, he views it as an opportunity. "

George Bush Former President of the United States


Chicago. Philadelphia. New Orleans. Haiti. Chile. Connecticut.

From his tenure as the CEO of Chicago’s public schools to his recovery work in Haiti and post-Katrina New Orleans, Paul has proven that he has the creativity to solve complex problems and the determination to fight for the reforms these solutions require. 


*Wage a war on violent crime to make our neighborhoods safer by getting violent criminals off the streets

*Invest in Chicago, prioritizing long-neglected areas of the city, to create economic opportunities and bring jobs to ALL of the city’s neighborhoods

*Ensure all children have access to high quality schools that are safe and secure

*Implement a long-term financial plan that will solve the City’s financial problems while capping property taxes and fees and reducing fines that are punishing families and small businesses

*Prioritize efforts to ensure that people live in healthy communities with access to critically needed community based social services

Roll Up Your Sleeves 


Chicago is in trouble but it is not hopeless. With the help of volunteers like you, we can ensure the right leader is elected to usher in change.

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What Paul Vallas brings to the race for mayor

Vallas is a formidable challenger, so don’t be surprised if other candidates pummel him with negative advertising. He won’t have a big campaign war chest of his own, but we expect he’ll have big, and appealing, ideas. READ MORE

Vallas vows to "right-size" schools

In the race for mayor, Paul Vallas is out with his proposal for Chicago Public Schools. The trick for the next mayor is to run a school system that currently has 150,000 more seats than students. . LISTEN NOW

Emanuel finally delivering 5 more ambulances; Vallas promises 25 more

Vallas said five new ambulances is not enough to satisfy the need to reduce response times. Chicago needs 25 more ambulances — for a total fleet of 100 — and will get it over a four-year period if he’s elected mayor. “If you look at the five largest cities in the country-per- capita, we have about 40 percent fewer ambulances than they have in those cities combined,” Vallas said, noting that New York City has “well over 600.” READ MORE


Paul Vallas Campaign Headquarters:

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