Vallas Campaign Response to Report On Chicago Ranked As Most Corrupt City

Below is a statement from Marilyn Johnson of the Vallas for All Chicago campaign regarding Chicago ranked as the most corrupt city in the country:

Chicago has again been found to be the most corrupt city in the United States. This is unacceptable. Emanuel responded by saying “…we’re not resting on our laurels I think when you look where I was on day one and where we are today, we made those series of changes,”

The scandals in Chicago’s red light camera contract that sent a top official and City Hall insider to jail for 10 years, in the $20 million no-bid contract at the Chicago Public Schools that sent its CEO to jail for fraud, and in yesterday’s court ruling that Emanuel violated state law by withholding emails from his personal accounts that related to the corrupt red light camera program prove otherwise.

A Vallas administration will commit to conducting all business in a transparent, accountable and honest manner from day one.
Marilyn Johnson
Campaign Chairman
Vallas for All Chicago