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Financing the Plan

Public safety is the most fundamental service a government must provide and we must prioritize CPD funding in the budget. Public Safety is Priority #1 and requires a sufficient and sustained public commitment. That said there are revenues that can be accessed and savings that can be secured that would cover additional costs.

The net cost of hiring 400 additional officers that are budgeted and the retired detectives and the additional compensation for Supervisors would be $60 million.

The 1,200 active detectives are among 14,000 officers, not in addition to.

Net Cost of New Police Officers is $40 million.
Net cost of retired Detectives is $10 million.
Net Cost for upgrading the Supervisory ranks $10 million.
Additional trading costs and equipment is $10 million.

Note: Average median salary is $53,000, with benefits $75,000. We are budgeting as if it’s $100 thousand per Officer.

Total $70 million

Measures to offset costs.

1.) Reprioritize of CPD budget priorities and the use of strategic sourcing and leases to reduce costs and to help maintain equipment and keep equipment modern.

  • If the City prioritized 2% of the CPD budget, $20 million would be freed for other needs. ($20 million)

2.) Partner with the FOP in the decision-making process for developing a long-term financial plan that can expand and sustain police resources and support. 

  • There is a potential for meaningful savings if you have a cooperative relationship with the unions and are linking contract savings with additional officers, support and training. (TBD)

3.) Shared financing of Chicago Police Officers with other entities such as schools (public and private), CTA, Metra, the Park District, etc. 

  • Replacing non CPD security with CPD Officers would reduce the initial cost of the new Police Officers initially by more than half and by one third long term. The other entities are able to secure subsidized CPD Officers at no additional cost. ($15 million.)

4.) Significant overtime savings resulting from an increase in the number of Police Officers, the expansion of support units and the preserving of Beat Integrity. 

  • As City Budget Director, our overtime peaked at $35 million ($53 million in current dollars) staffed at 13,500. Chicago under the current administration has paid over $500 million aggregate above budgeted overtime the last 6 years. (Initial annual savings $25 million, ultimately $50 million in annual savings.)

5.) Leverage PILOTs (Payment in Lieu of Taxes), a voluntary program in which nonprofits and other institutions or organizations that are tax exempt, receive special tax breaks and/or other preferential treatment, donate dollars to City funds.  

  • Boston raised $49.4 million in FY15 and $51.2 million in FY16 from PILOT program.

6.) Police Enterprise Fund that will secure funds from the confiscation of assets, new fines for gun violations and other income generating activities. 

  • There are numerous fines and fees that could be levied for firearm violations that could generate additional income generate additional $2-3 million.

7.) Enterprise Fund reimbursements. 

Reimbursements for Public Safety Services could be increased. (Goal-$5million)

8.) Legal Costs.

The City has paid out $418 million on solely police settlements and a $231.4 million on all outside attorney fees since 2011.  Improved and redundant training and oversight will significantly contribute to a reduction in settlement cases and related costs.

Total available new revenues and savings combined could well exceed $100 million annually.

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