1. Wage a war AGAINST violent crime to make our neighborhoods safer by getting violent criminals off the streets

– Guarantee “Beat Integrity” by ensuring there are enough police officers to serve every community that are known by the community, & ensure all officers receive high quality redundant training

– Hire retired police officers with investigatory experience to immediately provide investigative support to the Detective Division to get violent criminals off the streets & re-open two closed Detective Areas

– Strengthen the Patrol Area level Teams & create a Special Operations Unit to ensure the police can deploy resources to high crime areas or special events without taking officers away from their individual districts

– Convert enough school & park district safety & security positions to ensure every public school has a Chicago Police Officer during the school year that is deployed to the parks & recreational areas where young people gather when school is out

2. Invest in Chicago, prioritizing long-neglected areas of the city, to create economic opportunities & bring jobs to ALL of the city’s neighborhood

Take full advantage of the incentives in the federal government Opportunity Zones program & dedicate one-third of all TIF revenues to raise $10 billion to invest in economic development & jobs on the South, Southwest, & West Sides

– Employ the $2.5 billion in state & local incentives identified in the failed Amazon bid for businesses located & locating in under-invested areas of Chicago, prioritizing ending food deserts & restoring major commercial & retail enterprises

Adopt a “Buy Chicago, Hire Chicago” policy to prioritize awarding contracts to Chicago businesses, giving special weighting to those who invest in & hire from long neglected communities

– Organize & expand the network of Adult Education & Occupational Training Services to provide training & job opportunities to high school dropouts, chronically unemployed, ex-offenders & displaced veterans

– Transform closed schools into community business centers to house incubators & Adult Education & Job Training campuses

3. Ensure all children have access to high quality schools that are safe & securE

– Develop & implement a long-term budget plan that ensures long-term financial stability & funding equity & ensures that schools have the resources they need to provide & sustain quality education services

– Provide every neighborhood high school with AP offerings & access to Early College & Dual Enrollment Programs

– Offer career & technical education & work study programs for all students in all neighborhood high schools

–  Implement a plan to improve & modernize existing school buildings, & ensure that all classrooms have the instructional & technology resources needed to offer superior learning environments

– Restore the School Police Patrol & ensure that their are clear protocols & policies in place to protect against sexual abuse & that there is a online system in place that provides 24/7 reporting & crisis intervention

4. Implement a long-term financial plan that will solve the City’s financial problems while capping property taxes & fees & reducing fines that are punishing families & small businesses

Permanently cap property taxes at the rate of inflation or 5% (whichever is less) regardless of the increase in assessed value

– End Chicago’s red light camera program that unfairly punishes Chicago citizens & is bankrupting thousands

Freeze city fees & fines & cap penalties so they do not exceed the cost of the original ticket or fee

– Implement a plan to improve & modernize existing school buildings, & ensure that all classrooms have the instructional & technology resources needed to offer superior learning environments

– End practice of suspending driver’s licenses or blocking people from city employment or grants for nonpayment of fees & fines

Expand affordable housing by removing obstacles to construction, giving vacant buildings to community developers for restoration & by protecting families, seniors & disabled from confiscatory tax delinquencies & foreclosures laws


5. Prioritize efforts to ensure that people live in healthy communities with access to critically needed community based social services

– Expand health care services by putting health clinics in schools & revitalizing community hospitals & local health care clinics

– Restore & expand community based mental health services & extend services to the schools, City Colleges & public universities

– Test water in homes & public facilities for lead, provide water filtration devices & implement a long-range plan to replace the lead pipes

– Adopt an Environmental Justice standard that ends the practice of supporting the placement of polluting industries & facilities in poor communities & develop a strategy to remove those facilities

– Create an Neighborhood Environmental Protection Fund to provide grants & award tax breaks to help residents & community small businesses address their environmental needs

Roll Up Your Sleeves 


Chicago is in trouble but it is not hopeless. With the help of volunteers like you, we can ensure the right leader is elected to usher in change.

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