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CTA Public Safety

Safe public transit is vital for this city to thrive. Crime on the CTA has been rising since 2015 and is on pace to continue to record high levels in 2018. It is absolutely critical to put measures in place to stop that rise and return the CTA to a safe and secure mass transit option that serves all Chicagoans.

Plans To Restore Safety to the CTA

  • Increase the number of fixed and controllable rotating cameras on CTA platforms, stairwells, stations and station entrances.
  • Install “Panic” buttons on CTA platforms that when activated are sent directly to a 911 Dispatcher, NOT a 911 call taker. 
  • Also simultaneously the “Panic” button signal would be sent directly to the security booth for an immediate response of either a Chicago Police Mass Transit Officer or security officer.   
  • Ultimately, plan would be to phase out the private security officers and to utilize that funding to increase the amount of Mass Transit Officers. Currently there are just under 140 Sworn CPD members assigned to CTA Mass Transit Unit — across the expanse of the city, 24 hours a day seven days a week, this is not nearly enough coverage. 
  • Increase the amount of “Special Employment” slots for CPD CTA Mass Transit.  
    • Note: Special Employment for CTA is the ONLY overtime initiative that pays officers straight time, rather than  the traditional time and a half.  
  • Treat security rooms in CTA locations as “intel centers” staffed with qualified personnel to monitor cameras in real time with direct access to CPD radio Dispatchers.  
  • Assign fixed posts for ALL major CTA passenger locations. For example, the Thompson Center CTA station interchange. Private security officers in the CTA booths would be replaced with CPD officers who have the capabilities to monitors the station’s cameras and respond to incidences ASAP.  
  • Amend the City Ordinance to mandate that upon 2nd conviction of any arrestable offense on CTA property within 6 months the subject is banned from CTA property for 30 to 90 days.  Violation of this would result in Criminal Trespass arrests to escalate.  
  • Create funding to pay for these initiatives through the following:
    • Sponsorship of Each CTA EL-line for example: Target’s CTA Blue Line
    • Sponsorship of Each CTA Bus line for example: Target’s 88 Higgins Route
    • Sponsorship of Each CTA major interchange for example: Target’s Thompson Center Interchange.  
    • Increase the fines for various CTA violations such as “turnstile jumping” 

Don’t have time to volunteer, then chip in! Every little bit helps.