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Police Staffing

A lack of staffing resources is making it impossible for the Police Department’s’ to stem the violence, connect with the communities, and properly supervise operations.

The sworn ranks are at record low numbers, and despite public proclamations of hiring in the thousands, it is barely matching attrition. Beyond just hiring more officers, fixing staffing at the PD will require strategic planning and operations.


  • Hire and maintain the level of a 14,000 sworn member department.  
  • Restoring beat integrity to ensure the officers are not removed from their regular districts to be sent somewhere else unfamiliar as crime surges.  
  • Officers need to build and leverage positive relationships in the communities they serve, and maintaining beat integrity allows for this
  • Must end the practice of useless VRI (Violence Reduction Initiative)  “Scarecrow Policing” Overtime. This expensive initiative places officers from all over the city in different districts from their normal assignments to only maintain high visibility, and not engage in any proactive policing aside from sitting in one place as “presence.”
  • Must instead use overtime strategically in each district for officers to work additional time within the community they are normally assigned to.  
    • This provides District Commanders additional resources to respond to hotspots and crime upticks with officers who have relationships with the community and understand the District dynamics. 
  • Officers will be provided with the resources they need to do their jobs proficiently and safely
    • Every Sworn Member will be provided with a Less than Lethal Weapon (Taser) and mace instead of only a handgun
    • Will provide bulletproof vests for sworn members
    • Will proactively ensure all in-car and body cameras are routinely audited and maintained
    • Will ensure officers have proper working vehicles and computers


  • Restoring the Supervisor Ranks to 1 and 10 officers will increase accountability and allow for stronger direction and oversight of the Department’s Missions.


  • Plan to re-establish a dedicated School Patrol Unit. 
  • Focus will be to have an Officer in every school with high schools having two dedicated Officers. 
  • Utilize current Officers and Supervisors assigned to CPS schools, but over 3-4 year time will phase in additional Chicago Police Officers into School Patrol Unit, utilizing existing CPS security funding to pay for CPD positions. 
  • School Officers and Supervisors will be trained in the following:
    • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
    • Gang Identification and Initiations 
    • Social Services
    • School Safety and Emergency Operations Plans
    • Social Media
    • Understanding Special Needs Students
    • Sex Trafficking of Youth
    • Domestic Violence in Teens
    • Prevention of Drug Use and Identification of Drug Use 
    • Mentoring
  • During non-school periods, the School Unit can deploy to the beaches, special events and parks on foot patrols.  
  • The School Officers will be deployed to the areas where the school children are when outside of school to allow the Officers able to continually interact with them throughout the year. 
  • High volumes of citizens utilize beaches and parks in the summer months; this frees up District personnel.  
  • During Christmas Break Officers can be deployed to the Central Business District and other Holiday events during the high volumes time of the holiday season.  
  • During Spring Break Officers can be deployed to parks to be deployed where the children are likely to play.  

Special Operations Unit 

  • A Special Operations Unit will be created that can handle ALL aspects of the city in different environments.
  • This would allow District level Tactical Teams to remain on patrol within their regular neighborhoods of assignments and focus on each District’s unique crime response and prevention needs rather than being removed from the area for special events.
  • This would be a Unit of approximately 120 officers, approximately the same size as an Area Saturation Team Unit. 
  • Each Team would be staffed by 10 Officers and 1 Sergeant.  
  • This Unit could be be in uniform or plain clothes depending on the particular needs of the event being staffed. 
  • Members of the Special Operations Unit would be trained in:
    • Protests/Demonstrations
    • Quality of Life Arrests
    • Gang Violence Missions
    • Lakefront patrols, training on bikes 
    • Special Events staffing example: Taste of Chicago, Parades, Street Festivals and Sporting Events.
    • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
    • Traffic Enforcement

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