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Restoring Detectives

Clearance rates on violent crimes, shootings and homicides are at an abysmal all-time low. The Detective rank has shrunk to hundred below where it once was, over burdening detectives who are already struggling with limited resources and larger spans of territory to cover.

My Plans

Restore Detective Staffing Levels

  • Restore the Detective Division to 1,200 strength

Restructure Area Assignments 

  • Budget cuts decreased the detective area assignments in the city from 5 down to 3, expanding the geographic area Detectives are responsible for. 
  • I would create smaller geographic areas of detective coverage to cut down on travel times to crime scenes and allow for better connection between Detectives and the areas they investigate

Hire Back Retired Detectives 

  • Hire back successful and well respected retired Detectives to provide investigative support in the following areas: Case review and case management, witnesses follow up, subpoena support for obtaining digital evidence, transporting of witnesses to Grand Jury, and evidence coordination
  • To qualify for the position, the retiree would have to have left the department in good standing and be free from any IA or ASA investigations upon their retirement
  • Retired Detectives who return to these investigative support positions would be required to undergo continual training to ensure understanding of current department practices and procedures as well as the most up to date state and local laws.   

Employ Civilian Analysts 

  • Highly qualified civilian analysts would be hired to help round out investigative support within the Detective Division
  • These analysts would be trained and certified on interview and interrogations, social media investigations, and would spend part of their initial and ongoing training on ride alongs and observing other elements of investigations managed by sworn staff
  • Analysts would embed within investigative units to assist with link analysis, suspect identification, social media research, interviews, and other aspects of investigative support 

Provide Additional Training for Detectives

  • Detectives would be provided additional and ongoing training, including:
    • Evidence Collection
  • Digital Forensic Evidence
  • Interview Techniques 
  • Updates on State Law and City Laws
  • Case Management and Report Writing

Strengthen Patrol Mission Teams Coordination with the Detective Division

  • Specialized Patrol Teams will be assigned to work on strategic missions to assist Detectives in responding to crime patterns, ongoing gang conflicts, etc. 
  • Provides critical experience for Patrol/Tactical level Officers on the inner workings of various investigations
  • Increased collaboration between tactical officers and detectives will help create more leads to solve more crimes

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